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Unknown soldier and Spitfire pilot LeClare Allerthorn Walker
Un soldat inconnu et le pilote
LeClare Allerthorn Walker

LeClare Walker 1942

LeClare Allerthorn Walker

LeClare Walker's Spitfire Mk Vb


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Adrien Tremblay, 17 décembre 1944

Écrit il y a 8 ans…

Souvenirs de guerre

C’est le jour du Souvenir…

Moi, je me souviens d’Adrien Tremblay.

Voici une photo d’Adrien Tremblay. Adrien est le cousin de mon père. Adrien est décédé en Hollande le 17 décembre 1944.

2008-08-27 Adrien Tremblay

Adrien Tremblay 1922-1944

J’en avais parlé dans mon ancien blogue sur la généalogie. C’était mon article du 24 janvier 2009.

J’avais retrouvé des descendants de mon arrière-grand-père Édouard Métayer, capitaine de pompier. Édouard est un peu responsable de mon blogue sur la généalogie et Adrien un peu responsable de mon blogue Souvenirs de guerre

Quant à l’histoire de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, elle est un peu responsable de mon intérêt pour l’histoire, de mes études en histoire et de ma carrière d’enseignant… que je poursuis avec mes blogues.

Adrien faisait partie des Fusiliers Mont-Royal.

Voici sa fiche sur le site du Mémorial virtuel de guerre du Canada.

À la mémoire du

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Avis de recherche – Flight Lieutenant Louis Nault – Flying Officer Jacques Ménard

Pas facile d’honorer la mémoire de la French Connection dans l’histoire de l’aviation canadienne. Moins que rien sur Internet lors de mes recherches sur le capitaine d’aviation Louis Nault, l’aviateur qui se tient à gauche aux côtés de « Pic » Picard.

Selon moi le capitaine d’aviation Louis Nault est devenu après la guerre un Wing Commander. Je l’ai retrouvé à la station radar Moosonee le 2 juillet 1962. C’est le seul indice que j’ai trouvé.


On écrit que le 3 décembre 1963… Il lance la première pierre de la saison de curling.

Curling season officially under way, with W/C LL Nault throwing the first rock. First snowmobile run across the Moose River to Moose Factory Island.

Un peu plus d’information ici pour l’année 1964…


Moosonee, ON
1964 – Historical Report – John Shearer

Historical Report
RCAF Station Moosonee 1964

Key Personnel & TOS Date

S/L EAE Ireland CO 16 Jul 64

F/L HA Llewellyn CGEO 2 Sep 64

F/L E Dolter CAdO 20 Oct 63

F/L DR Lawrence SCEO 1 Sep 63

F/L RF Burger SCOO 18 Nov 63

F/O JB Walshe SLogO 1 Jun 63

F/O PF Gray SAO 6 Jan 63

F/O FL Embury N/S 15 May 64


Introduction and Summary of Years Events

RCAF Station Moosonee is located on the south west end of James Bay. The role of 15 Radar Squadron is to collect and transmit radar data appearing within the area of coverage to our SAGE Centre.

During the year 1964, the perimeter fencing project was completed thus increasing the security of the unit in addition to providing an increase in safety for dependent children by restricting their movements.

The recreational facilities of the unit were increased by the erection of a Butler Building thus providing an indoor skating and hockey rink. In addition, plans were formulated to establish a Hobby Shop and a Rod and Gun Club both of which would be functional in 1965.


The changeover from manual to automatic necessitates the training of airmen so that they might become familiar with new systems and equipment.

One Radar Tech Senior NCO attended a Ground Radar Interrogator Course at Keesler Air Force Base. Three Radar Techs attended FPS-507A course at Clinton.

Unit was visited by an EMU Team who gave ECM lectures to all DMCC personnel.


During 1964 the 0A-3751 (SAT CU/ASTRA) ECM Strobe Determination Receiver was installed. It enables the passive tracking of jamming aircraft thus providing required information to North Bay Direction Centre for triangulation of jamming aircraft. The above enhances our capability in tracking aircraft during active jamming.


On 15 July 64 S/L EA Ireland CD arrived to assume Command of the 15 AC&W Squadron from W/C LL Nault CD transferred to NATO College Paris.

A Mixed Mess Dinner was held in the Officer’s Mess 1 Apr 64 commemorating the RCAF 40th birthday.

LAC Guevin and LAC Henley were presented with Suggestion Awards at a Commanding Officer’s Parade.

On 14 Nov 64 the first signs of Freeze-up were evident necessitating the calling in of a doctor to RCAF Station Moosonee. On 16 Nov 64, F/L TM Murray MED/MO arrived from Station North Bay to cover period of freeze-up departing 1 Dec 64.


On 15 July 64, W/C LL Nault returned to Moosonee from Annual Leave to officially hand over the Station to S/L EA Ireland. Actual handover took place 17 July when S/L Ireland assumed Command of RCAF Station Moosonee.

Official Visits and Inspections

27 Jan 64

F/L Steward ADCHQ arrived for CE Staff Visit.

24 Feb 64

A/C Pollard, Commander of Ottawa Sector, arrived with W/C F Colimone and Brigadier HR Thyng to conduct an inspection of Operations departing the same day for Great Whale.

25 Feb 64

A/V/M Hendrick, AOC ADC, arrived with G/C Cameron, G/C Olson, W/C Riddell and S/L Steene to conduct annual AOC’s Inspection.

2 Mar 64

F/O AJ Frass ADCHQ arrived to conduct Food Services Staff Visit.

31 Mar 64

Unit was visited by 54 students plus 4 school teachers from Cedar Brae High School Scarborough – visit lasted three days during which transportation and accommodations were provided. A tour of the Station was arranged in addition to making the recreational facilities on the unit available.

2 Apr 64

Forty-five Air Cadets from 632 Squadron Moose Factory visited the unit. A tour of the Station and a swim was made available to all visiting cadets.

1 Jun 64

Major Burgess of the Postal Corps arrived for a three day annual visit.

21 Jul 64

A/V/M Harvey (Commander NNR), G/C Matheson, W/C Yarnell, F/L Simonson and Mr. Laskoski arrived for a one day inspection departing 22 Jul 64.

11 Jun 64

G/C Schraeder, G/C Williams and S/L MacKay arrived to conduct annual Air Cadet Staff Visit at Moose Factory departing 12 Jun 64.


The sports program on Station Moosonee is quite extensive due primarily to its isolated position.

In Jan 64, RCAF Station Moosonee played their first hockey game against the Moosonee Bombadiers in the James Bay Hockey League. The hockey league was not too successful due primarily to climatic conditions plus the fact that only outdoor rinks were available.

Curling again dominated the field as the most popular past time sport. This unit had two leagues, a regular and a mixed league comprised of 16 rinks in each. In addition there were several bonspiels including an open bonspiel all of which were huge successes.

RCAF Station Moosonee played host to Canadair Variety Show which arrived on the eve of this Station’s first Winter Carnival. This unit plus the local population enjoyed themselves immensely.

In Mar 64, Station Moosonee held their first Winter Carnival. It featured skidoo and dog team races, ice sculptures, plus other related sports competitions for children.

Bowling is another popular sport supported by two leagues; an intersection and a women’s league. The season as a whole was a huge success with trophies being awarded at an overall Station Sports Banquet.

During the summer months Fastball and Fishing became quite popular. Both however, are restricted primarily to the large number of bugs that are predominate at northern posts. Most personnel, however, do support both.

We hope that in the next year the Fish and Game and Rod and Gun Club will become even more popular.

Public Relations

Public relations on an isolated unit are limited to national stories and hometown releases. There are no incidents of national interest in the past year other than the fact that the unit PRO arranged for dependent wives to make a tour of the Tower. In addition to this, the UPRO arranged a Station Tour for the 54 students and 4 school teachers from the Cedar Brae High School in Scarborough. Judging from the letters of thanks, the hospitality of the unit was appreciated by the visiting group.


In Sep 64, the Fire Hall answered a call to downtown Moosonee to fight a fire at David Wynne’s General Store.

In Dec 64, a PMQ fire occurred in G-14. Fortunately, no lives were lost other than two pet dogs.

On the 21 Dec 64, the Fire Hall again answered a call to assist in extinguishing a fire on an Austin Airway’s Norseman.

Monthly Record of Activities – 1964

5 Jan 64

First league hockey game between Station team and Moosonee Bombadiers.

9 Jan 64

Austin Airways Dakota missing enroute from Moosonee to Rupert House. Aircraft sighted by another company airplane at approximately 1700 hours.

10 Jan 64

Crew of Dakota rescued – one member was badly injured. The others sustained only minor injuries.

11 Jan 64

Giant Bonspiel in which Station Moosonee, Moose Factory, Cochrane and New Liskeard teams participated. FS Marshall won the A Event honours with Mr. S Tometuk of Moose Factory winning the B Event.

25 Jan 64

Canadair Variety Show scheduled to arrive at 1600 hours was cancelled due to bad weather at Moosonee.

26 Jan 64

W/C LL Nault dropped the puck to officially open the Station Hockey Rink in a game with Moose Factory and Black Hawks.

1 Feb 64

Mixed Bonspiel at Station Moosonee with teams from Moosonee and Moose Factory participating. Mr. A Snyder of Moosonee and Mr. M Calaiezzi also of Moosonee won A and B Events respectively.

9 Feb 64

Canadair Variety Show re-scheduled for today was once again cancelled; this time due to a shortage of aircraft.

24 Feb 64

A/C Pollard, Commander Ottawa Sector, arrived with W/C Colismone and Brigadier HR Thyng. The party departed at 1430 hours en route to Great Whale.

27 Feb 64

Command Band arrived at 1630 to give a concert which was followed by a Station Dance.

14 Mar 64

First Station Winter Carnival held on Saturday morning – Children’s games, Snow Sculptures. In the afternoon Skidoo and Dog Team races. Evening – Canadair Variety Show with a dance afterwards. A huge success.

31 Mar 64

Visit by 54 students plus 4 school teachers from Cedar Brae High School in Scarborough. Visit lasted 3 days, during which transport and accommodation were provided. Students were given a tour of the Station plus being allowed the use of all recreational facilities.

1 Apr 64

Mixed Mess Dinner celebrating 40th Anniversary RCAF at Officer’s Mess.

2 Apr 64

Visit by 45 Air Cadets – 632 Squadron Moose Factory. Tour provided plus a swim.

10 Apr 64

Officer’s Mess held a Formal Dinner Dance.

5 Jun 64

CO’s Parade – FS Knight presented with 22 year Clasp to CD.

9 Jun 64

Caterpillar Tractor authorized to dredge Butler Creek became stuck. Incoming tide covered the entire machine. Finally recovered with the aid of 3 civilian caterpillars. No apparent damage to unit Bulldozer.

17 Jun 64

Radio Station CHMO became operational.

15 Jul 64

W/C LL Nault returned with S/L Ireland for handing over of RCAF Station Moosonee.

17 Jul 64

Handing over Parade – S/L EA Ireland officially assumes Command of RCAF Station Moosonee. W/C LL Nault transferred to NATO College Paris.

21 Jul 64

A/V/M Harvey (Commander NNR), G/C Matheson, W/C Yarnell, Mr. Laskoski and F/L Simonson arrived for a one day inspection.

20 Aug 64

First CO’s Parade for S/L EA Ireland in Rec. Centre. Suggestion Awards presented to LAC Guevin and LAC Henley.

22 Sep 64

Firemen were called downtown for fire at David Wynne’s General Store – Nil Casualties.

9 Oct 64

Commanding Officer’s Parade.

31 Oct 64

Station Halloween Dance held with prizes awarded for best costumes.

11 Nov 64

Commanding Officer’s Parade – Remembrance Day.

1 Dec 64

River frozen solid and Moose Factory accessible by wheeled vehicles.

7 Dec 64

First game opening for the Curling Season.

16 Dec 64

PMQ fire occurred at 0910 hours at home of Sgt. Jacoby in G-14. Firemen were called and were in control of the fire by 1015 hours. No human casualties however, two pet dogs died.

Christmas party sponsored by the Community Council held this date for RCAF School children. Entertained by a Station Variety Show and Santa Claus.

17 Dec 64

Christmas Party sponsored by Station Messes and Institutes held this date for school children of Moosonee. Entertained by previous Variety Show and Santa Claus. Gifts and candy were presented.

21 Dec 64

Firemen were called at 1930 hours to assist Austin Airways in putting out a fire in a Norseman Aircraft.

31 Dec 64

New Year’s Eve Dance held this date in Recreation Centre. Station Band entertained.


Pas grand chose. I will just have to wait and see… si j’ai trouvé le bon Louis Nault.

Quant au Flying Officer Jacques Ménard…

25 février 1945, le Flying Officer Jacques Ménard fait un atterrissage forcé en Allemagne, mais il n’est pas blessé. Fait prisonnier, il est de retour en Angleterre au mois de mai.

Jacques Ménard démontre ses tactiques de combat aérien…

Dernier avis de recherche – Joseph Fernand Guy Henri Picard

Pic Picard avait fait tout un cadeau à Jules, le batman de l’escadrille 416.

Le 13 mai 1945, Pic Picard fit faire un tour d’avion au Batman Jules dans un Bücker Bü 181, le type d’appareil que nous voyons sur cette photo prise en Allemagne après la guerre.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Voici ce que Clarence m’a écrit au sujet de Jules…

When 416 moved to Brussels, B.56 in December 44, they took on a civilian Batman named Jules. This northern part of Belgium spoke a language called « Flemish » which was a mix of Dutch and Belgian. Jules spoke all three languages, and was most important in obtaining anything he could beg, borrow, or steal, for the Canadians. He was loved by all the Canadians and most important in finding, fire-wood, booze, etc. Gordon took three images of Jules, the forgotten Batman in RCAF history.

Pic Picard a survécu à la guerre.

Il quitte l’escadrille 416 en novembre 1945, puis on perd sa trace à tout jamais… jusqu’en 2017 sur Souvenirs de guerre.

Pic et Gord étaient de bons amis comme en témoignent toutes les photos conservées précieusement par Gordon Hill depuis 1945.



Louis Nault, « Pic » Picard, Jacques Ménard et Roland Brouillard

Photo de groupe prise en mars 1945 à Petit Brogel en Belgique

Dernier avis de recherche…





Avis de recherche – Louis Jean, pilote de Spitfire

On trouve peu d’information sur Louis Jean que l’on voit ici sur cette photo de la collection de Gordon Hill.

Gordon Hill les a tous identifiés pour Clarence Simonsen.

De gauche à droite : Sharun, Bill Bridgman, Wally Hill, Gordon Hill, Lou Jean, Webb Harten, Jack Leyland, « Tap » Tapley et Dave Harling qui est sur l’aile.

La photo a été prise à Petit Brogel, en Belgique, avant le 1er janvier 1945. Facile à mettre une date, car le capitaine d’aviation Harding a péri lors de l’attaque de la Luftwaffe le 1er janvier 1945.

Voici une page des Operational Record Books de l’escadrille 416.

Une mine précieuse de renseignements.

On y apprend que le Spitfire de Louis Jean a été mitraillé quand il était sur le point de décoller comme celui de Louis Nault et de Ken Williams.

Voici le rapport de l’attaque qui fut dévastatrice.

Une page d’histoire…

Plutôt quatre en fait.



Le Flight Lieutenant Harling DFC, un petit gars de Westmount, n’a pas eu de chance. Il a réussi à décoller, mais s’est fait abattre par la suite.

Montage réalisé par Clarence Simonsen


David Harling
Archives Canada

12 jours plus tard, ce sera le tour de Bridgman de périr, touché par la flak.

William Bridgman
Archives Canada

Clarence rencontre mardi prochain Gordon Hill pour lui remettre son logbook. Clarence l’a numérisé à ma demande. Pour remercier Gordon, je lui ai fait ce petit souvenir de guerre.

B.78 Eindhoven, Hollande

Je tourne la page…

C’est comme ça que j’aimerais terminer mon hommage à Roland Olivier Brouillard maintenant que je sais que toute son histoire est bien connue de sa famille.

B.78 Eindhoven, Hollande

En août 2009, j’avais commencé à écrire Souvenirs de guerre afin de rendre hommage à un jeune marin de 16 ans, l’oncle de ma femme. Tout le monde dans sa famille ignorait qu’il avait été dans la salle des machines du destroyer canadien Athabaskan quand celui-ci fut torpillé dans la nuit du 29 avril 1944.

Petit à petit, j’en ai appris de plus en plus sur le naufrage et sur les marins qui ont péri comme Louis Ledoux.

Louis Ledoux repose en paix dans un cimetière en France.

124 autres marins périrent, 42 furent rescapés par le destroyer Haida, et 85 furent faits prisonniers par les Allemands dont Jim L’Esperance…

En 2009, je savais bien sûr où se trouvait la Hollande. Je savais aussi que les Hollandais avaient une admiration sans bornes pour les Canadiens qui les avaient libérés. Les Hollandais n’envoyaient-ils pas tous les ans au Canada des tulipes pour nous remercier? Par contre, j’ignorais tout du soldat Léo Major dont j’ai parlé dernièrement comme j’ignorais tout des pilotes Roland Brouillard, Louis Nault, Pic Picard et Jack Ménard.

On ne trouvait nulle part leurs noms dans les livres d’histoire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale que je lisais depuis les années 60.

J’ignorais aussi l’existence d’Eugène Gagnon, ce héros méconnu de Bromptonville.

J’ignorais l’existence de l’escadrille Alouettes…

Toutes mes recherches m’ont amené à Roland…

Si Roland avait parlé de ses souvenirs de guerre à son frère Marcel, c’est seulement en 1998 que Marcel Brouillard les avait finalement racontés dans un chapitre d’un livre.

Quant à Léo Major, il était demeuré muet comme une carpe jusqu’à ce qu’on veuille l’honorer à Zwolle.

Il fallait bien qu’il parle de ses souvenirs de guerre…

En 2009, B.78, ça me disait encore moins quelque chose jusqu’à ce que je fasse la rencontre en 2011 du petit-fils d’un pilote canadien-anglais de Spitfire. Son grand-père avait volé avec l’escadrille 403 de l’Aviation royale canadienne et avait sans doute croisé Roland à Petit Brogel, en mars 1945, l’escadrille 416 partageant le même aérodrome.

Petit Brogel, par contre, ça me disait de quoi depuis 2011.

Petit Brogel, Belgique, circa mi-mars 1945
Collection Walter Neil Dove via Greg Bell

Ma rencontre avec Greg Bell n’avait duré qu’une petite heure. Il m’avait montré l’album photos de son grand-père.

Impressionné, je lui avais dit qu’il fallait partager ses photos…

Des centaines, et en plus le logbook de son grand-père. Greg avait tout numérisé puis j’ai tout partagé sur un autre blogue dédié à son grand-père!

Walter Neil Dove a survécu à la guerre tout comme Roland.

Collection Walter Neil Dove via Greg Bell

Quand Roland Brouillard est revenu en Amérique en décembre 1945, c’est sur le Queen Elizabeth

Tout comme Walter Neil Dove…

Collection Walter Neil Dove via Greg Bell

Collection Walter Neil Dove via Greg Bell

Collection Walter Neil Dove via Greg Bell

Le mot de la fin…?

Des photos exclusives de la collection de Gordon Hill, photos prises en mars ou avril 1945 à la base B.78 à Eindhoven, en Hollande.

Ground crew



Dove LindsayKen et WebbLarryTapWallySteveJules, le batmanTap et Gord

Tap et WallyLa jeep de l’escadrille

Des pilotes de l’escadrille 416 avec leur batman Jules

Gordon, Doug Douglas et Jerry

Ravitaillement en essence

InconnusChuck Darrow et un inconnuBrewster

Pause pendant le ravitaillement en essenceEindhoven