‘Lil’ Hiawatha ‘ barely survived the mission – Capt. Al Miller flew shotgun on a B-24

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En anglais, mais mérite une lecture.

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Al Miller is wearing a Distinguished Flying Cross (one below the Medal of Honor) and an Air Medal. Photo provided by Thelma Miller Al Miller is wearing a Distinguished Flying Cross (one below the Medal of Honor) and an Air Medal. Photo provided by Thelma Miller

NOTE: I received this story from Thelma Miller of Venice,Fla., widow of Al Miller Jr., who flew as a copilot aboard the B-24 « Liberator » bomber in the Pacific during World War II. He wrote the story before he died two years ago. Miller flew 30 combat missions including: the Marshall Islands, Maloelap Kwajalein, Eniwetok, Truk and Kusai. He also bombed and photographed Guam during the invasion. The couple retired to Venice in 1981. — Don Moore

By Alexander J. Miller Jr.
Special to the Sun

We left Hawaii and went into combat in a new B-24J. I was flying right seat (copilot) with Larry Crowell (as pilot). We stopped at Johnston Island on our way to Funafuti in the Ellice Islands.

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Every picture in John Le May’s collection has its own story

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11 Novembre 1918 – L’Armistice

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La Grande Guerre

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Compiègne, Clairière de Rethondes, 11 Novembre 1918, 5 heures 15

Je crains que pour les plus jeunes ce lieu, cette date, cette heure ne signifient  pas grand-chose. Et pourtant…

Enfin, un terme sera mis, sur le front occidental, à une guerre atroce qui aura duré plus de 4 ans. L’armistice est signé. Toutefois, ce ne sera que pour une durée de 36 jours qui sera renouvelée trois fois (prolongation d’un mois dans le même wagon à Trèves le 12 décembre 1918 puis reconduction le 16 janvier 1919 et le 16 février 1919 pour une durée illimitée). À la suite de cet armistice est signé le traité de Versailles, le 28 Juin 1919.

L’original de la convention d’armistice est consultable ici.

Les personnes présentes sont, pour les alliés :

  • Maréchal Ferdinand Foch, commandant suprême des forces alliées
  • Amiral Rosslyn Wemyss, représentant britannique
  • Général Maxime Weygand, chef d’état-major de Foch

Le secrétariat du maréchal Foch

  • Henri Deledicq
  • Émile Grandchamp

Pour les allemands :

  • Matthias…

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My Life in the RCAF, « I Had A Ball »

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Le début de l’histoire de son père…

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Captain Foster modified picture

His daughter sent me his story with this message. 

The attached was hand written by my father as he lay paralyzed from the chest down, due to bone cancer, stemming from prostate cancer. 

Every time I came to visit him, he gave me a chapter, and I gave him what I had printed from transcribing his notes to the computer. It was always on his « bucket list » to write a book about his experiences during the war, but alas, he finally ran out of time before completing it. He entitled his book, My Life in the RCAF, « I Had A Ball. »

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