Lest We Forget – Flight Sergeant William Holowaty

I probably would never have written about Flight Sergeant Holowaty who flew with 425 Alouette Squadron. I probably would never have written Souvenirs de guerre if my wife’s uncle had never told the secret he had kept from his family since April 29, 1944.

I no longer make any effort to stop writing on Souvenirs de guerre. The duty to remember remains an imperative duty.

I was unaware of the very existence of the Alouette Squadron in 2010 before a meeting with a veteran rear gunner. This meeting was the start of another blog that I had dedicated mainly to the Alouettes. Little by little, more stories and images were shared. Due to space constraints, a second blog was created, especially with photos of Réal St-Amour, 425 Alouette squadron’s Adjutant.

Adjutant St-Amour fought long and hard to have the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum repaint Lancaster KW-K in the original colours.

It all started in 1991, I think….

They did the go around to someone to him… Then in 2012, the museum finally decided to build a 1/24 scale model of the original KW_K at a cost of $300, then put up interpretation panels.

The names of the KW-K aviators were mentioned. The panels were removed in 2015, then others were put back at the insistence of Réal St-Amour’s daughter last year.

There is no longer any mention of the French-Canadian character of the squadron. As for the Lancaster, it is still painted in the colours of 428 Squadron.

The reasons for this administrative feet dragging in paying tribute to the only French-Canadian Royal Canadian Air Force squadron can be anything. I have my own idea, but I’ll keep it to myself…

Perhaps a politician should get involved and make a photo-op event out of it or we should raise funds to restore it to its original state…

Roland Beaudoin flew King of the Air when he returned to Canada. William Holowaty never returned to Canada. Death was beside him in his rear gun turret in the Azores in the early morning of the 16th June 1945 at approx. 1.15 am.

Lest We Forget…

To be continued on the 3rd blog dedicated to 425 Alouette squadron.

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