Book review

Book review

Bagotville 75 Years of Air Defence.

by Pierre Gillard, aeronautical reporter, 5 December 2017

The first thing you will most certainly notice when you buy this book by Marc-André Valiquette is its price! But as soon as you have it in your hands, you’ll understand why: it weighs exactly 2.9 kilograms and has 512 pages, a very large number of which are in colour. In terms of weight/price, you’re a winner, as well as, rest assured, in terms of value for the price. Indeed, in recent years, this author has accustomed us to books of excellent quality, and this one about the history of Canadian Forces Base Bagotville is also proving to be a masterpiece of historical research, documents and stories. Everything is related to it with a flawless historical meticulousness. As has been the case since Marc-André’s first title, the text is bilingual in order to satisfy all audiences. It includes both a detailed chronology of all the events that have marked the history of the base and the stories of pilots who have been assigned to it. The importance of Bagotville base, both during the Second World War when it was used to train Canadian and allied pilots, and during the Cold War when it was at the forefront of a possible Soviet air attack, is also apparent when reading it. Through this book, we can also recall some of the natural disasters that occurred in the Saguenay region and note the involvement of the military personnel on the base in the rescue operations. The layout is very well executed and what is amazing is to see the impressive quantity of photographic documents, often unpublished, that resurface and are included in this book for our greatest joy. Once again, Marc-André Valiquette has signed an essential historical work.

Imaviation, Laval, QC, June 2017, 512 pages, numerous illustrations in black and white and in colour.

ISBN 978-2-9811552-9-0.

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