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Ces photos proviennent de négatifs de films pris avec une caméra en 1942.

Il y 75 ans.

C’est la pure vérité!

Cliquez sur chacune des images pour agrandir.

Lest We Forget II

These pictures are from negatives from films taken with a camera in 1942.

75 years ago.

This is real!

Click on each image for a larger view.

All pictures are courtesy of Chantal Gaudreault, Gerard Pelletier’s niece.

I will tell you more later.

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No. 34 Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot / Camp Bouchard

Le Camp Bouchard

Nos ancêtres

On a peu de choses sur le Camp Bouchard sur Internet.

plan Bouchard

No. 34 Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot / Camp Bouchard

Opened in August 1941 at St Therese, near Montreal, by Defence Industries Limited, a subsiduary of Canadian Industries Limited, to make munitions on behalf of the Canadian Government.  Officially known as Allied War Supplies Corporation Project 21, the camp was one of DIL’s premier shell-fitting centres. The complex consisted of 343 buildings over 6000 acres, including offices, shops dormatories, a hospital, assembly lines, a fire hall, a community centre and a power house, all supported by rail lines to transport raw and finished material.  Production ceased in 1945 with peace on the horizon.

In 1946, the centre was taken over by the Department of National Defence and turned over to the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC), beoming No. 4 Ordnance Ammunition Depot.  A year later, the depot was re-designated No…

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Je me souviens – I remember

Photo prise le 9 mars 1945

RCAF 425 Alouettes II

March 9, 1945.

We are at Tholthope.

Yetta, is an old reliable aircraft of the Alouette Squadron overseas, and is still going strong after 75 operations. A D.F.C.has been awarded by the ground crew.

The ground crews are from left to right:

First row:

LAC Paul Crevier, Montreal (2077 Dorion St.),
Sgt. Georges de Montigny, East Angus, P.Q.,
WO1 J.J. Deslauriers, of Montreal (Chambord St.),
Sgt. J.W. Desrosiers, St. Thomas, Ont. (15 Barwick)
LAC J.H. Prince, St. Boniface, Man. (378 Desautels St.)

Left to right on the stand:
LAC A.A. Goshgarian, of Galt, Ont. (27 McNaughton St.),
LAC Marcel Charbonneau, of Lévis (4 Botrel St.),
LAC Y Rouleau, of Montreal (6838 Chambord St.),
LAC Henri Benoit of Montreal (614 Louvain Ave.),
Cpl. Paul S. Clouthier of Vancouver, BC (2211 W. 10th Ave.),
LAC Marcel Renaud, of Montreal (10110 Lille St.)

This aircraft has completes all these sorties since the invasion…

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