I never thought I would meet Wilbrod Nadeau there last November.

As usual I took pictures. It was not the first time I had visited Marcel Bergeron, and not the first time we had visited the memorial.

I have learned a lot about World War Two  since 2009 when I started writing about it, first with the sinking of HMCS Athabaskan G07. I simply got curious when my wife’s uncle dropped that name in a family reunion. I could never be 100% sure he was aboard that ship, but I don’t see why he would make up such a story with enough details only a sailor aboard that ship would know.


Getting back to Wilbrod Nadeau…


This is a picture of the Bromptonville War Memorial.


Wilbrod Nadeau’s name is on it. His surname is Brunelle on the memorial. Wilbrod Nadeau was an orphan. His father died in the 1920s and his mother died of apprendicitis in the 1930s. I believe some children were adopted by the Brunelle family. I’m sure Wilbrod Nadeau was adopted by the Brunelles because Marcel Bergeron told me so.












9 réflexions sur “My visit to Bromptonville’s War Memorial

      1. Merci. A nice photo. I wonder if I could ask for any photos of the full memorial you may have? As well I would like to see other photos of the names on the memorial. Best Ed

  1. I am learning that nothing happens by chance. The picked up on words « …when my wife’s uncle dropped that name in a family reunion » planted a seed which grew to you exploring the roots. It is yielding much fruit. Thank you.

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