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  1. Les Hurricane au début furent des Sea Hurricane pour les CAM ships.
    Ils furent construits au Canada, mais furent gardés pour patrouiller la côte Est du Canada suite à Pearl Harbor.

  2. Some notes on RCAF Sea Hurricanes

    The 50 aircraft listed here were originally part of the large RAF orders placed with Canada Car & Foundry in Fort William, for several hundred Hurricanes. These 50 were to be Sea Hurricane Mk. 1a, and were intended for the Halifax based pool of the RAF’s Merchant Ship Fighter Unit. This unit operated the expendable « Hurricats » from converted merchant ships, in a desperate attempt to provide some fighter cover to the North Atlantic and Russian-bound convoys. The first few aircraft were ferried to Dartmouth by RAF pilots in November 1941, where they placed under the care on No. 118 (F) Squadron, RCAF, pending their assignment as replacements to the catapult equipped camships docking in eastern Canada.

    It appears that the future of these aircraft changed after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. By 12 December, the aircraft started to be taken on RCAF charge, and were issued to RCAF units on the east coast. This helped fill the gaps created in Canadian fighter coverage when so many RCAF aircraft were shifted to the west coast to meet the anticipated Japanese threat. In the end, only 2 aircraft wound up with the MSFU, as detailed below.

    These aircraft were all built as Sea Hurricane Mk. 1a, with Merlin III engines, 8 gun wings, and catapult spools – but without arrester hooks or wing folding. The RCAF, however, referred to them as simply a « Sea Hurricane ». In 1943 the survivors were converted to « Hurricane Mk. XIIA », with North American built Merlin XXIX engines. The designation « Sea Hurricane Mk. XIIA », seen in several post war books, was never used by the RCAF.

    The RCAF also received one UK built Sea Hurricane, V7402, which was taken as a « trade-in » when one of these Canadian built Sea Hurricanes was transferred to the RAF. More about this aircraft in a future web page.

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