Pilot Officer LeClare Allerthorn Walker

Un hommage à celle qui fleurit sa tombe


RCAF No. 403 Squadron

The woman  who is placing flowers on Pilot Officer LeClare Allerthorn Walker’s grave does not read English.


cimetière des Vertus



WALKER, PO LeClare Allerthorn, RCAF, was born at Norwich, Ontario, June 22. 1918.

When he joined the RCAF in April 1940 at Niagara Falls, he was a student at the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering.

He trained at Toronto, Trenton, Goderich and Camp Borden, going overseas in September 1941 to serve with the 403rd RCAF Spitfire Fighter Squadron in Great Britain.

He was reported missing in action at the assault on Dieppe on August 19, 1942, and later officially presumed dead. Walker was mentioned in dispatches three times, and in April 1942 he did a special exhibition flying for Prime Minister Churchill and his staff.

Walker attended public school at Troy. N.Y., Norwich High School ; at the completion of his second year in Mechanical Engineering at the School…

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