March 14, 1945

Je reviendrai sur cette histoire la prochaine fois.

Killed in Action (KIA) crashed near Alfeld in B-17 ‘Boston Blackie’ #42102972 Mission was to bomb the marshalling yards at Seelze, near Hanover when his plane was hit by another B-17, the ‘Lady Velma’ and both planes went down. , there was only one survivor, Francis Joe Nix, out of the Lady Velma.

Purple Heart

Wayne's Journal

WednesdayIn England, the Eighth Air Force dispatched 1,278 bombers and 804 fighters to hit oil, rail and industrial targets in Germany; they claim 17 Luftwaffe aircraft destroyed. The Eighth Air Force loses three B-17s and two fighters.1 Verne and the other members of Combat Crew 87 of the 571st Bombardment Squadron (H) were part of a mission to bomb the Seelze marshalling yard near Hanover. This was the 274th combat mission of the 390th Bombardment Group (H). The objective of the mission was . . . .

To hit oil tankers seen parked on the sidings at Seelze marshaling yard, near Hanover, only planes of 390th “A” Squadron bombed on 14 March. “B” and “C” Squadrons had poor visibility, plus equipment malfunctions, and did not bomb. “A” Squadron was troubled by haze, and overshot the target. The operation was marred by the loss of 2 planes which…

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