“Visions of Vietnam”: In Memory of Hugh W. Elmore and James V. Donnelly

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Visions of Vietnam: An Army Medic's View of the War

A note from co-author, Megan Bartlett:

On March 25, 1966, Hugh W. Elmore was killed, presumably on impact, when a round exploded in the mortar tube. In the mortar pit with him was James V. Donnelly, who later succumbed to his extensive wounds. Today we honor their memory with Dave’s recollection of the tragic story of their final moments on this earth.

Excerpt from the forthcoming memoir by David J. McCallum:

Visions of Vietnam: An Army Medic’s View of the War

(December 1965 – December 1966)

One of several confidence-testing situations occurred on March 25, 1966 while our unit was completing a routine day long search and destroy. Hughie Elmore and Jim Donnelly were members of C Company’s mortar platoon at that time. We had stopped for the evening and set up a perimeter. Because the mortar is too heavy for breaking bush, the mortar platoon was later flown in by…

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