My Life in the RCAF, « I Had A Ball »

Le début de l’histoire de son père…

RCAF No. 443 Squadron

Captain Foster modified picture

His daughter sent me his story with this message. 

The attached was hand written by my father as he lay paralyzed from the chest down, due to bone cancer, stemming from prostate cancer. 

Every time I came to visit him, he gave me a chapter, and I gave him what I had printed from transcribing his notes to the computer. It was always on his « bucket list » to write a book about his experiences during the war, but alas, he finally ran out of time before completing it. He entitled his book, My Life in the RCAF, « I Had A Ball. »

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Les souvenirs de guerre de Cap Foster

Qui avait  déjà  entendu  parler de Cap Foster?

Pas moi en tous  cas!

De l’escadron  443?

Pas moi en tous cas! Du moins  pas avant  que Nicole  Morley  ne  me  parle  de son grand-oncle.

Cap Foster  c’est lui…



Son histoire suivra sous peu.