Maple Leaf Club for the Canadian Forces

Patsy and someone at the Maple Leaf Club

Patsy et un homme inconnu

Patsy and

Patsy and the boys at the Maple Leaf Club

Patsy et aviateurs canadiens au Maple Leaf Club à Londres

Patsy and the boys

Des photos de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale que j’ai reçues.

On ne trouve pas grand chose sur le Maple Leaf Club. Un souvenir de guerre dans le Projet Mémoire.

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I volunteered at the Maple Leaf Club that was manned by Red Cross workers in Victoria, which is part of central London. We used to go there on a Sunday morning because that was the only time we had; and we’d wash all their breakfast dishes and then we’d make the beds. The beds were three tier bunk beds; and we had to ask the fellows that were staying there to help us move the beds, to make them. We’d never seen those awful tied quilts before, that old farm people made out of old coats and they tied them with wool with batting and flannelette in them. We thought they were horrible things, but they kept them warm. And that’s how I met my husband, he helped me make the beds and he asked me to go out.

Le reste des photos.

Where and how to start?

Les souvenirs de guerre de John Le May

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

That’s  what  I  was  asking  myself  when  I  met  Greg in September  2011.

Greg had his grandfather’s  photo  albums  and his log books.

I  told  him  he had to  share  this to pay  homage  to his grandfather  and everyone  we were seeing  on the pictures.

Greg scanned everything!

I posted everything!

Even these pictures taken in December 1945…

Even this one…


This week I received two copies of a CD.


On the CD there was this…



And  this.

th_Q.E. 1 Dec 1945

Where and how to start sharing  what J. B. Le  May  just shared?

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