Just an incredible war story… Mission over Kassel in 1943

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Lest We Forget

Sometimes you stumble upon a story that has never told because veterans didn’t talk much about the war.

They keep their war memories buried deep inside. Then when they die, someone finds all about their war memories…

This is not related to the last posts about POWs. But it could have been…

25 times!

Lt. Wooldridge in B-17

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Kermit David Wooldridge, born in 1917 in Lawton Oklahoma to deaf-mute parents, was incorrigible as a youth  (his own words). A constant run-away, he had no use for school and would rather ride cross-country on trains. He enlisted in the Army in 1934. The United States Army would soon whip him into shape.

When WWII broke out the need for pilots was critical and the young Wooldridge, uneducated but smart, volunteered to learn to fly. My dad, a man with very little future when he got out of  high school would soon find himself in the midst of…

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5 réflexions sur “Just an incredible war story… Mission over Kassel in 1943

  1. I too have posted an account about Kermit Wooldridge written by his daughter whom I know and follow. She currently lives in Lakeland, Florida and posts his diary on twitter having donated the original diaries to Library of Congress, Washington DC. They are a fascinating insight into the life of a bomber pilot in battles over occupied Europe. I recently visited the airfield RAF Kimbolton which I live near and sent her photos of them including a roll of honour. These are on my Flickr account and also some appear in my blog. You might like to take a look. A lovely posting here.

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