Un commentaire de Michel Quéré laissé sur un de mes articles sur ce site.

Je suis responsable du patrimoine de SIBIRIL, deux marins inconnus reposent dans notre cimetière.Nous honorons leurs mémoires à chaque cérémonie patriotique.Nous avons décidés de placer une plaque commémorative relatant cet événement tragique. 

À suivre.

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  1. I keep meaning to take a photo of a stone in the local cemetery of a young man who left America to train to be a pilot in your air force during WWII. He died, unfortunately, in a training accident, and never got to fight for « God, the King, and Country ». It is a regulation military stone for your service people, and always intrigued me when I was young: Why did he go to Canada and what was caused his death. I only recently came across the short news clipping from the local paper that explained what happened to him. Are you interested?

    1. Yes… Use my personal e-mail.
      You can write that story if you want and I will use it as a guest post.
      I will more than honored.


      1. I’ll see what I can do to relocate the newspaper story, though the basic outline I gave you is pretty much all there was to it.

        At the time, the newspaper was a weekly (or maybe semi-weekly, with two papers issued a week), and they posted short notices about all the people in service, sometimes from the people themselves or from family members trying to update friends on their family members in service.

        Two large scrapbooks of these newspaper clippings cut out during the war and pasted (without dates…very frustrating!) carefully and in tight clusters on each page were recently donated to the local military museum where I volunteer each week on Thursdays.

        Though the scrapbooks have limited immediate use because of the lack of dates, they are good enough to get one in the general time period if one were to go to other sources to search through microfilms of the newspaper. I suspect, however, the grave marker will have the best information, including his unit, which will, in turn, probably be meaningful to you.

    2. I have another story in the pipeline just waiting for approval. You will love this one.
      It’s about a navigator on a Mosquito. His daughter is sharing pictures and stories.
      He got his training in… CANADA!

      Hard to get not excited.
      Another unsung heroes.
      This is why I write so much about them and get carried away.

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