Décès du Major James Goodson, as du 4th Fighter Group

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Major James Goodson, l’un des as du 4th Fighter Group américain pendant la seconde Guerre Mondiale, est décédé le 1er mai à l’âge de 93 ans.


Plus d’information ici en anglais. (more information in English)


Athenia Survivor
A survivor of the torpedoing of the Athenia, James Goodson, of Toronto and New York City, received his pilot’s « wings » and before long will take his place in the air against the enemy.
Goodson, who is 20 years of age, is the son of a United States citizen who lost his life in Russia during the bolshevist uprising about 20 years ago. The father was born in Petrograd and spent some years in the British intelligence service. He was living in New York, but returned to Russia to see about some property he owned there and in some manner, the details of which have never become known by the family, lost his life. He never saw his son, who was, born after the father left for Russia. His mother, a New York girl, Goodson said, also did some work for the British intelligence.
Asked if the sinking of the Athenia had anything to do with his enlisting, he replied: « No, I can’t say that it had. That was war. For me I don’t think the right thing to do in war-time is continue at university. My place is in the war against Hitler. Some fellows could best serve their country by completing their university course, but not me. My place is in the war. »