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Des avocats du gouvernement fédéral affirment qu’Ottawa n’a pas d’obligation spéciale envers ceux qui ont participé à des guerres au nom du Canada, et qu’il est injuste de lier le gouvernement Harper à des promesses faites par un autre premier ministre il y a près d’un siècle.

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  1. That seems to be a problems with conservative governments. It is the same here in the US.

    As a veteran, I am not unbiased on the issue of support to veterans, especially those who suffered physical or emotional disabilities fighting George W. Bush’s and Lyndon Johnson’s little trumped up wars, for example in my country. Canadians died, too, and always and especially served honorably in times of great national peril.

    If someone gives service to their country, and suffers for it on the battlefield, only the crassest, most morally corrupt of politicians will deny these men and women support after that service!

    When a nation calls on citizens to defend it against foreign threats, that nation absolutely owes those people more than a handshake, a glib meaningless « Thanks for your service! », and parades with pretty national flags unfurled along the route to the cemetery where those who didn’t come home alive are buried.

    I am appalled that your veterans have this current assault on the value of their service to your country. Next time, we should send the @$$holes who declare the wars!

    1. I could have written the same comment.
      I just can’t believe people voted and keep voting for these…

      Thanks for commenting.

      1. Pierre, there is a common lament here: « I can’t believe they keep voting for people who don’t work for them but for the lobbyists and billionaires who bought and paid for them! »

        I live in a so-called red state, where ultra-conservative candidates run unopposed, or, when they do have opposition, typically get over 60-70% of the total votes.

        These same congressmen and senators are against universal health care, and regularly vote against appropriations for health and human services and veterans affair matters. They are the shameless people who close veterans affairs clinics; deny people unemployment benefits while also voting against anything that might create jobs; support lowering income tax rates for the extremely wealthy, yet call those so poor they depend on food assistance « lazy », then cut billions from programs that help veterans, elderly, unemployed and even active duty soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen (many of whom live below the poverty line, especially those with families…); and, well, make $174,000 a year to show up for work a third of the time, then spend the rest of their time campaigning to be re-elected or sweet talking wealthy donors for campaign funds.

        Shameless! Yes, I vote to replace them in every election, but those who find the list of abuses above acceptable (or just don’t see the abuses because their favorite government programs aren’t affected by the behavior of our representatives, who calculate these things out) were 61% of the electorate in my state in the last national election!

      2. I know venting all this frustration must make you feel a little better.
        I feel the same way, and reading what you vented out makes my blood pressure more normal.

        I just can’t believe people can’t see what is going on.
        I know television has to do a lot with.

        Canada is a carbon copy of the U.S. minus the NRA.
        God bless Canada.

        The Harper government scrapped the gun control register, but here in Quebec we fought hard to keep it before it was destroyed.

        This being said, you now know why I switch channels when I see policians on TV.

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