Vous aimez les navires de guerre?

En guise d’intermission avant de poursuivre l’histoire de cet aviateur perdu en mer…

A little intermission before continuing with the story of this pilot lost at sea.


Jean-Baptiste Normand Roy

If you like warships…

Go and visit this Website

Allez visiter ce site.

Il est impressionant.

Most impressive!

Ici, on a une photo et une histoire intéressante.

Here’s a photo and the story about that sinking.

On parle de ce navire sur Wikipedia.

The story on Wikipedia.

14 réflexions sur “Vous aimez les navires de guerre?

      1. Although thankfully no lives had been lost the sinking of Audacious was a serious blow to the British Fleet. At the time several other British battleships were suffering from engine problems and several others were so new that they were not fully efficient yet. This meant that the British Fleet was much weaker in reality than on paper and the Grand Fleet Commander-in-Chief Admiral Jellicoe proposed that the loss was kept secret. This request was backed by the British Foreign Office who were keen to avoid the bad publicity for diplomatic reasons whilst trying to influence the then neutral Ottoman Empire and the request was agreed by the British cabinet. The loss of Audacious was not admitted until after the war and Audacious continued to appear in fleet lists. This censorship turned out to be a waste of time because on board SS Olympic had been many Americans who had witnessed and photographed much of the incident. When back in America and outside the reach of British censorship the loss was soon reported in the press. Soon everyone except the British acknowledged the loss and the continued British silence on the subject did the creditability of the British authorities damage.

        At the time it was thought that Audacious had hit a floating mine disturbed by either Ajax or Centurion although a torpedo attack was not completely ruled out. The inquiry also found that the main reason for the loss was lack of strength in the longitudinal bulkheads which should have prevented flooding spreading. This resulting in the bulkhead buckling and making it impossible to close some of the watertight doors and valves that were necessary to stop the water spreading.

  1. Thanks folks. 🙂 I started touching up the photos a bit more recently when I acquired new software that makes doing this easier. I’ll probably have to revisit my earlier photos and replace them with fixed versions eventually.

    1. Bonjour Denis,

      Ça m’a donné le goût de retoucher certaines photos en utilisant Picasa où on retrouve des fonctions
      similaires. Je me doute par contre que tes logiciels sont plus performants.
      C’est quand même un passe-temps passionnant.

  2. Ce qui est aussi passionnant, c’est d’essayer de déterminer en quelle année/décennie fur prise une photo non datée, en se basant sur les modifications apportées durant l’histoire d’un navire en particulier, ou même parfois sur l’étampe d’une carte postale qui figure la même image. Un travail de détective. Certains vaisseaux sont beaucoup plus documentés que d’autres. Une recherche ‘Google Images’ permet parfois de retrouver la même image avec une date si quelqu’un d’autre a fait le travail auparavant. 🙂

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