Souvenirs de guerre

Deux blogues fascinants en langue anglaise.

Un blogue du fils d’un soldat américain d’origine japonaise. Ce soldat faisait partie d’une unité « top secret »

Families are the result of decades of relationships, twists of fate and world events.  It is unbelievable how one decision can ultimately determine how many descendants will be brought into this world…or what happens to them.

Twists of fate and world events can put siblings on opposite sides of a fence.  In my case, my uncle donned on the uniform of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II and died on Leyte. My father, although a US citizen like my uncle who was killed, was imprisoned in stateside “camps” during WWII by President Franklin D. Roosevelt – just one among over 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent. Dad then enlisted for the legendary 8th US Army’s Military Intelligence Service after being released from camp.

Un blogue de la fille d’un parachustiste de la 11e division aéroporté américaine qui se retrouve dans la campagne de la reconquête des Philippines. Elle raconte les événements que son père a vécu à partir des lettres que celui-ci à écrit à sa mère.

During my project of  transposing my father’s scrapbook into my computer to preserve it, my research into the 11th Airborne, the Pacific War and the state of the world during that era grabbed my interest.  I amassed a nice size manuscript with bibliography.  And I do not appear to be alone in this interest.

I discovered a multitude of forums and websites dedicated to that era and people searching frantically for any information on their relatives.

In the posts to follow I will include not just the photographs, information and portions of letters (if not all) from the scrapbook, but the political aspects of the past that brought the world to such an explosive state.  I will make every attempt to only post the facts.  Should I find that I wish to make my own opinions on a matter, I will state it as so.

I sincerely hope you not only enjoy this site, but also locate information that is helpful.


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