Le Seabee de Tibé

J’ai trouvé cette information sur le crash d’un autre Seabee.

Le Seabee n’était reconnu pour ses qualités de planeur en cas de panne de moteur.

CF-EJI (s/n 393)
Chinook Flying Service Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada
Photo: © McTavish Family via Trevor McTavish

Chinook Flying Service Ltd. of Calgary, AB, was one of many commercial operators of Seabees in Canada. Unfortunately Chinook’s operation of CF-EJI (s/n 393) was short-lived.  The Seabee that was bought for a DEW Line contract along the Arctic Coast. In 1953 Franz, Marjorie and Gerry flew to Vancouver to inspect the amphibian, which was owned by Grant McConnachie of Canadian Pacific Airlines fame.

Following the inspection and purchase Gerry was tasked with flying the plane home. Because the SeaBees and Navions had a history of loosing oil through their propellers Gerry asked about what to do in an emergency. In his typical, understated manner Franz simply said, « reach under the seat, grab the landing gear crank, throw it out the door and follow it down. » SeaBees were known to be notoriously poor gliders. Gerry only flew it a short while longer, then it was sent to Fort Smith, BC while enroute to the Arctic. With Lloyd Smith at the controls and approaching for landing, he pulled the mixture to cutoff instead of the carburetor heat. Powerless, the SeaBee crashed into the trees, injuring Lloyd and killing the only passenger.

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